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Mature Content

Candice Phony Hallway
I don't have a story for this, I was just experimenting for the most part. I think I want to do a story for this one, where at the end Candice ends up in the hallway with just her phone and panties. But I need some inspiration.

Mature Content

Embarrassed! Candice in the Hallway!
Based off of story "Embarrassed! Candice in the Hallway!"…

I wanted to make an animated gif version of it. Poor Candice, trying to resist so much, but she can't contain her enjoyment.

Mature Content

Emergency Signal Made Candice Red

Emergency Signal Made Candice Red

“Please let my day be normal..” Candice whispered to herself, bouncing her heels up and down.

Candice felt like a sheep in a lion’s den, riding the school’s slowest elevator with her best “friends” Emma, Hanna, and Lily. It was the end of the day and Candice only had one hour left over. But knowing her friends she feared the worst may happen to her.

Wearing a plain pale aqua green shirt with constantly dropping red pants made her feel super vulnerable as she knew she always had the worst luck.

“So Candice, how was your day?” Emma asked, poking Candice’s back. Candice jumped a little thinking it was a little not only being a bit ticklish, but being so nervous nearly jumped out of her own clothes.

“The day went fine, passed a test today, easy for me.” Candice stuttered, constantly adjusting her clothes out of habit. Was her shirt still fine? Underwear? Shirt? Yes, everything was still in tact, but Candice couldn’t let her guard down for a second.

Candice watched as the glowing numbers on the elevator slowly counted from the 3rd floor to the 1st, just two floors til she is safe from any potential pranks or humiliation. Just two floors til the weekend. Candice watched for what felt like forever.

The 1st floor lit up reaching the floor. The elevator was about to ring and open when suddenly...

“RANG! RANG! RANG!” blaring bells and sirens echoed outside.

“Oh my gosh! I completely forgot! Today is the fire alarm evacuation exercise!” Candice exclaimed! SHe remembered that earlier in the morning the announcements warned it would happen, but the time that it would happen would randomize.

“Great the elevator has to be manually opened then..” Lily exhausting sighed. Suddenly she felt her shoulder get tapped by Emma, Emma eyed at Candice and back to her with a wink. Lily got the picture immediately.

“Candice! Candice! I’m claustrophobic! Please get the doors open! I'm going to faint!” Emma swelled up, waving herself with her hand frantically. Emma’s feet began to stagger, Lily caught Emma in her arms, waving her hands on her worried face.

“Don’t worry I’ll get the elevator doors open! Give me a second!” Candice exclaimed. With no hesitation, she began to pry the doors open with relative ease, but the doors only opened so far.

“Candice! Go get the school nurse! Emma might feigt!” Lily asked.

“Okay, I’ll try to fit through!” Candice shouted. Candice sucked in as much as she could. Unknownst to Candice, her pants began to sag as she shifted her hips back and forth against the cold steel doors. “Guys I can’t fit through!” Candice panicked.

“Oh no! Poor Candice!” Emma teased, sitting straight up with no effort.

“What? Emma are you okay?” Candice asked, suddenly becoming susipicious.

“Might want to not struggle too much Candice, otherwise you’ll get us all hot and bothered with your bubble butt shaking like that.” Emma mockingly said, watching with her piecring eyes how Candice’s butt swayed back and forth.

“Oh my Candice? Putting on a show for us? Showing your cute baby pink panties. So naughty!” Hanna teased. Candice started to panic! Not only she was stuck, she could feel her pants falling down, each sway was a futile attempt to keep her pants up.

Candice’s pants gave way, exposing her bent over bubble butt to her friends. Her embarrassment was beginning to turn her face into a deep crimson, how could she fall for this again?

“Oh Candice, you seem to have dropped your cell phone! Here, let us help!” Hanna shouted.

"Here! This looks like a good pocket!" She taunted, opening up the back of Candice's panties and shoving her own cell phone in the very middle. "Candice! You seem to be getting a lot of text and calls!"

Candice's phone shook and vibrated right in her panties, causing her to wiggle her hips from side to side, wiggling her bubble butt to everyone. The girls all laughed as they watched Candice squirm and moan loudly that echoed the hallway.

“Guys this is super embarrassing! I’I-m so embarrassed! Ah-h~! Don’t look at me!” Candice moaned, pleading to the best of her abilities. Her pants swept down to her ankles, putting her in the most erotic position with her cheeks jiggling to her cellphone. Her bubble butt was once again exposed and at the mercy of her friends do do as they pleased.

"Oh my Candice, you're so naughty! Someone is enjoying herself." Hanna taunted, filming Candice's bodily reactions and gyrating bubble butt.

“You’re such a naughty girl! You must love it when girls do naughty things to you!” Candice exclaimed, wiggling her hips to the vibration.

“Oh my Candice? What did you say?” Hanna asked.

“Ha! Mm! I’m so embarrassed! No!” Candice moaned.

“Maybe we’ll let you out if you say the magic words!” Hanna offered, watching Candice’s knees buckle.

“I’m such a naughty girl! I love it when girls make me do such embarrassing naughty things where people can see me!” Candice yelled, blushing harder.

“Louder naughty girl! The whole school needs to hear!”

“I’I’m so naughty, I love it w-when people see me doing such naughty things in public!” Candice screamed as best as her could. Suddenly Candice felt the elevator door open.

“By the way Candice, all we did was push the emergency button in the elevator, the evacuation was canceled today!” Hanna shouted.

Candice fell to the floor, butt sticking up from the elevator but outside, catching her breathe from the intense vibration she went through. Relief was short lived though as the real school bell rang, students pouring into the hallways to discover Candice at the floor with her pants around her ankles, and something sticking out of the back of her panties.

Candice quickly shot up and covered herself the best way she could, pulling her shirt down in front of her to cover her soaking panties. Candice heard the elevator ding once again, but felt her shirt rising on her back. She turned her head to see her “friends” pull her shirt as the doors closed. And they hit the UP button!

Candice in a frantic, but futile attempt grabbed her shirt from the front, but the rising elevator tugged her shirt above her head, exposing her naked boobs to her classmates.

Candice stood dumbfounded once again in just her panties and tennis to everyone, but adding to her embarrassment her cellphone in her panties.  

“Is that Candice?”

“Why does Candice have her phone in her panties? She’s a pervert…”

“Was she playing with herself in the elevator? Guess she can’t wait to go home.”

“Nice pink panties Candice! Matches your bubble butt!”

Candice scurried through the hallway bright red, trying to cover what she could. Her pants around her ankles forced her to take tiny steps, turning what was only 20 feet felt like twenty miles.

I thought this could be a normal day!!


Mature Content

What a Splash!
This idea and story comes from a collaboration between me and @EnfyFuhn a story from @EnfyFuhn will come soon!


No journal entries yet.


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Superninja9257 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
I LOVE YOUR ART, I just wish they could come out really fast! Maybe do an enf thing with whoop cream smeared on her or her getting pounded with a teenis ball machine. Maybe a sexy messy wedgie. Maybe a flag pole. Maybe tied up naked. And I have a question, on an average drawing, if you already have an idea, how long does it usually take to make?
guymansupersuper2 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2017
So what happened to characters like Brook or Piper?
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Did you ever get a chance to check out the fan art and mini-story I made for you? ^^
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Conventional erotica (aka porn) doesn't really do it for me (which is unfortunate, since that's what's in infinite supply), so to have ENF material of this caliber is... well... inestimably precious Love   I really can't thank you enough!!
skullkress1 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
I tell you, the worst part of your work is having to wait for more... I am not a patient man... I am a sad one...
1PinkandPeachy1 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Then help me think of some clever prank locations.
skullkress1 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
You got it. I'd have replied sooner but i didn't even see you replied. I'll draft up some ideas.
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I love your animation style!
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